Donna Margherita Italian Restaurant

Restaurant description

Restaurant Pizzeria friendly, Donna Margherita offers a wide selection of pizzas cooked in a wood oven, and serves authentic Italian cuisine with particular attention to "Campana" Cousine.

What we like

  • In the selection of pizzas cooked in a wood oven, we recommend:  pizza "Donna Margherita" with Cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh basil, parmesan and a touch of tomato sauce; pizza "Sausage and Friarielli" with Italian sausages , mozzarella, provolone cheese and broccoli Neapolitan.
  • For the first we recommend the "linguine with red prawns," the delicious "Scialatielli of King Ferdinand" and "Linguine with Astice'
  • Among the main courses of fish, we invite you to taste the "Spigola Acqua Pazza", while among the meat dishes are the must-see "Sausages, Potatoes and Friarielli"


To know more

  • The pizzas are made with natural leavening 24 hours
  • The pasta is expressed and is not pre-cooked 
  • The desserts are all homemade 
  • Authentic Italian Restaurant
  • The bread is homemade with leavening mother 
  • There is an indoor dining room and an outdoor room 
  • "Donna Margherita" is registered to 'Neapolitan Pizza Makers Association

What to do and see around

Battersea ParkNew Covent Garden Market, Battersea Arts Centre

How to reach us

Train - Overground: clapham junction

Bus: 35-37-39-49-77-87-156-170-219 


  • Quota 29 Primitivo (Puglia)

    100% PRIMITIVO - Vol 14% 
    Deep ruby red in color with a full aroma of ripe black berry fruits. Dry and intense on the palate.
    Bottle £23.50

  • Grappa Miele

    Honey is added to the finest Piedmontese grappa
    25ml. £7.50

  • Grappa Intesa

    This is special grappa traditionally distilled with steam in copper pot stills, with a discontinuous process. Aged in French oak barriques until it becomes the best expression of harmony and balance.
    25ml. £5.50

  • Grappa di Moscato

    This famous Piemontese grape is distilled to give a fragrant and scented grappa, intense, round, balanced and harmonious with a mix of flower and fruit scents - sage, rose, violet and peach.
    25ml. £5.50

  • Grappa Classica

    Aged for 18 months in oak and chestnut barrels. Palatable, harmonious and elegant.
    25 ml. £3.50

  • Barolo Cogno D.O.C.G. (Piemonte) 2006-07

    100% NEBBIOLO - Vol 14% 
    The most classic Italian red. Full bodied and robust. Winter berries and subtle spices with a strong character and a long tannic finish.
    Bottle £65.00

  • Nero Sardo Cannonau di Sardegna D.O.C.

    Grape Variety: 100% CANNONAU - Vol. 
    Bright and intense ruby red in color, the bouquet is delicate with aromas of violet, rose and hints of aromatic herbs. The flavor is full-bodied and round, with delicious flavours of fresh berries that give freshness. 
    Bottle £28.90

  • Syrah di Sicilia - Andrero I.G.P. 2012-13

    100% SYRAH - Vol 14% 
    Ruby red with violet tones. Rich bouquet of violet and blackcurrant, with notes of liquor and black pepper
    Bottle £23.50

  • Sangiovese Umbria IGT 2012

    100% SANGIOVESE 
    Deep ruby in color with hints of black cherry.
    Bottle £19.50
    By the glass £5.50

  • Prosecco Col di Luna D.O.C.G. - Etichetta Nera 2012

    Vol. 11,5%
    Intensily fruity with hints of apple, Fresh taste, full-bodied and aromatic, with a pleasant.
    Bottle £27.00
    By the glass £7.00

  • Laurent-Perrier Rose

    100% Pinot Noir Vol. 12%
    Dry coppery pink Rosè, full of character and delightfully fruity.
    Bottle £75.00

  • Veuve Cliquot

    50% Pinot Noir 30% Chardonnay 20% Meunier Vol. 12% 
    Bottle £65.00

  • Fiano di Avellino (Campania) 2011-12

    100% FIANO DI AVELLINO - Vol. 13,5%
    Pale straw yellow in colour with elegant, floral and mineral aromas and a hint of honey. Dry and full-bodied, the palate is beautifully poised with a fine balance between succulent texture, ripe fruit flavours of peaches and pears and a cleansing, crisp acidity. 
    Bottle £28.50

  • Vermentino di Sardegna D.O.C. San Giovanni

    Bright straw yellow in colour with hints of rosemary and elderflower. Smooth and savoury.

  • Greco Antiche Terre

    100% Greco - Vol. 13%
    Straw yellow, dry, complex structure with distinguished floral and apricot notes.

  • Strozzavolpe Grechetto Umbria 2012

    100% GRECHETTO
    Pale Yellow with golden tints in colour, with a fragrance of exotic fruits. Fresh and velvety.
    Bottle £19.50
    By the glass £5.50

  • Vin Santo

    Vin Santo with Cantucci biscuit
    50 ml. £5.35

  • Plaisir Rosso Passito

    Garnet red color very delicate bouquet with aromatic scent, typical of cannonau grapes.
    50 ml. £5.90

  • Pinot Grigio Blush I.G.T. Rose (Veneto) 2012

    100% PINOT GRIGIO - Vol. 12%
    Dry coppery pink Rosè, full of character and delightfully fruity.
    Bottle £19.90
    By the glass £5.50

  • Santagostino Rosso Firriato (Sicilia) 2010-11

    50% NERO D'AVOLA 50% SYRAH - Vol 14.5%
    Hand picked grapes , aged eight months in Frech barrels, spicy with cherry and strawberry hints, full bodied.
    Bottle £35.50

  • Amarone Classico D.O.C. Degani (Veneto) 2009-10

    Sumptuous, full bodied, ruby red tannic wine with berries, cherries, plums, violet, dried rose, vanilla, tobacco, mace, chocolate, black pepper and liquorice. A perfect balance and extremely warm persistent finish.
    Bottle £59.00

  • Barbera D.O.C. (Piemonte) 2011-12 (House wine)

    100% BARBERA - vol. 12%
    A versatile ruby red wine with an intense fragrance and a delicate cherry and tomato leaf character.
    Bottle £16.95
    By the glass £4.80

  • Montepulciano d' Abbruzzo Ca' del Moro D.O.C. (Abruzzo) 2011-12

    100% MONTEPULCIANO - Vol. 14%
    Full bodies, round and robust. Aged in oak barrels, warm and spicy
    Bottle £24.50
    By the glass £6.80

  • Nero D'avola I.G.T. Andrero (Sicilia) 2008

    100% NERO D'AVOLA - Vol. 14%
    With an intense winter fruits back taste and a balance structure, this Nero D'avola has distinguished itself by winning the 2010 edition of the Berlin Trophy Gold.
    Bottle £22.50
    By the glass £6.50

  • Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Il Martino (Toscana) 2010

    90% SANGIOVESE 40% CANAIOLO - Vol. 13%
    Medium bodied with a lingering finish with berries and a hint of vanilla notes.
    Bottle £27.90
    By the glass £7.50

  • Aglianico Villa Raiano (Campania) 2011-12

    100% AGLIANICO - Vol. 13,5% 
    Ruby reflections. Robust fragrance of red fruits, violet and spices. Smooth taste, well blended tennis with a final persistence of black pepper and liquorice.

  • Valpolicella Ripasso D.O.C. Zironda (Veneto) 2009-10

    65% CORVINA 30% RONDINELLA 5% MOLINARE - Vol. 12%
    An elegant dry red with a distinguished bright ruby red color, bursting with spices and toned down by bitter almonds notes. Long and persistent finish
    Bottle £28.50

  • Falanghina Villa Raiano I.G.T. (Campania) 2010

    100% falanghina grapes vol. 13.5%
    Medium yellow colour with greenish tinges. Rich aromatic nose of apple, pineapple and citrus fruits. Very fresh on the palate and a smooth dry long finish sensation. This is a very stunning wine!

  • Cortese D.O.C. (Piemonte) 2011-12 (House wine)

    100% CORTESE - Vol. 12.5%
    Young and fruity with a strong yellow colour.
    Bottle £16.95
    By the glass £4.80

  • Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi, Classico Filareto D.O.C. (Marche) 2012-13

    100% VERDICCHIO - Vol. 12%
    Bitter almonds in contrast with green fruits fragrance give this wine a complex structure and an intriguing mineral finish.
    Bottle £19.50
    By the glass £5.50

  • Pinot Grigio ai Galli I.G.T. (Veneto) 2012-13

    100% PINOT GRIGIO - Vol. 12%
    Dry, rich and nutty, this Pinot Grigio stands out.
    Bottle £20.90
    By the glass £5.90

  • Grillo Andrero D.O.C. (Sicilia) 2011-12

    100% GRILLO - Vol. 13%
    Round and well balanced medium dry with an excellent fragrant persistency.
    Bottle £22.50
    By the glass £6.50

  • Soave D.O.C. Ca’ de’ Rocchi (Veneto) 2011-12

    80% GARGANEGA 20% TREBBIANO - Vol. 12.5%
    Robust and well balance, yet fresh on the palate, with a straw yellow color
    Bottle £23.70

  • Orvieto Classico amabile D.O.C. Bigi (Marche) Trebbiano 2011-12

    Pale yellow, fruity medium sweet
    Bottle £22.80

  • Gavi di gavi D.O.C.G. Ca da meo (Piemonte)

    100% cortese vol. 12.5%
    Straw yellow colour. Fragrance of flowers and fruit with a hint of peach. Full and rich, soft and harmonious as a result of the complete ripening of the grapes.

  • Greco di Tufo d' Antiche Terre (Campania) 2010-11

    100% GRECO DI TUFO - Vol. 13%
    Straw yellow, dry, complex structure with distinguished floral and apricot notes.
    Bottle £25.50

Opening times

Open: Mon-Thu 17:30-23:00

Fri-Sat-Sun 12:00-23:00

Close on: None


Address: 183 Lavender Hill London SW11 5TE

Telephone number: 020 72282660

Email: [email protected]

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